Who We Are

The Association for Faculty Enrichment in Learning and Teaching (AFELT) is a professional association for academic staff and other major players in higher education.

Our Vision

To be a transformational body for quality learning and teaching in higher education in East Africa.

Our Mission

It therefore seeks to facilitate the professional development of academic staff in Higher Education through collaboration, training and scholarship of learning and teaching.


Professors/lecturers, researchers & consultants in higher education. Registration Fee is KES5,000 and annual fee of KES 2,000


Universities, research organizations, other organizations working in higher education field. Registration fee: KES 20,000 and annual fee KES 10,000 (two staff represent the organization)


Students at Masters and PhD Level and not employed by universities or TVETs. Registration fee: KES2,000, Annual fee: KES 1,000

Member Teaching Philosophy

I am interested in development in the area of growing inclusive markets, educational effectiveness, quality assurance and environmental impact assessment.
Damary Sikalieh Ph.D.
United States International University
Students have prior knowledge and skills that they bring with them to class. My role is facilitation, to bring out what they know and to lead them to discover what they do not know through problem solving and knowledge creation. I find myself as a partner in the learning process.
Mary Kiguru - Ph.D. Researcher
Education for All Children
Student centered learning to encourage deep thinking.
John Branya Ph.D.
Strathmore University
I believe in education for empowerment in moral, religious, social, political, economic and individual life (Jordan et al, 2008). This is through acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and values. My role in education is that of an agent; to serve society. This I accomplish by designing the learning process (lessons, assessment and feedback) in such a way that it is interactive, practical and relevant to individual, institutional and societal needs.
Mary Omingo Ph.D
Learning by doing cannot be overstated. It is therefore my duty to help facilitate and promote critical thinking through practical engagement with theoretical underpinning
Kendi Muchungi Ph.D
Africa Nazarene University

Member Universities

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